175 films from 47 nations in 28 languages!


  • A cat-tastic opening night program of feline-centric animation from eight countries, with lobby fun, special treats and more.
  • Q and A’s with filmmakers from around the world.
  • Fabulous feature films from South Africa, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, and the USA.
  • Indigenous Showcase screening, presented in collaboration with Longhouse Media.
  • Emphasis on the planet with environmental shorts programs for older and younger kids, plus the feature documentary Microscopic Madness.
  • Rainbow Roar — a shorts program devoted to celebrating LGBTQ kids.
  • Two showcases of youth-made films in Nascent Creations and 90-Second Newbery Film Festival.
  • Interactive installation in the lobby and filmmaking workshops give kids a chance to get hands-on.

47 nations: South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Japan, Mexico, France, Russia, China, Estonia, United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Norway, Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Iran, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Austria, Denmark, Brazil, Latvia, Singapore, Korea, Poland, Slovakia, Ireland, India, Dominican Republic, Qatar, Uganda, Wales, Spain, Nigeria, Namibia, Lummi Nation, Burundi, Turkey, USA, Palestine

28 languages: Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Hungarian, Mandarin Chinese, Kashmiri, Italian, Swahili, Kirundi, Khoekhoe, Swedish, English, Welsh, German, Portuguese, Croatian, French, Japanese, Latvian, Innu-aimun, Algonquin, Lummi, American Sign Language, Dutch, Estonian, Korean, Romanian, Farsi

Features by Country

Australia: H is for Happiness
Germany: Rocca Changes the World
Netherlands: Zara and the Magical Football Boots
South Africa: Kings of Mulberry Street
United States: Team Marco, Moving Stories, Microplastic Madness

Shorts by Country

Australia: Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant, The Pen License, iRony
Austria: Shaul & Ivan
Belgium: Mister Paper Goes Out For a Walk, Plastic
Brazil: Dela, The Juggler
Burundi: 199 Little Heroes: Cynthia From Burundi
Canada: Moon Dog, I Love Everything, How Nivi Got Her Name, It’s Me Landon, What’s My Superpower, Three Thousand, Mahiganiec, Mitshishuss, The Child Who Hammered Nails, The Most Magnificent Thing, T-Pot, I am Skylar, A Typical Fairytale, Beauty, Mahalia Melts in the Rain, Birdlime, C is for Cars
China: Ray’s Great Escape, Carry My Heart to the Yellow River, The Quintet of the Sunset, Little Thinks, Gallery Experience, 
Colombia: The Cubicbird, Ramón, Maria Camila’s Gift, Wild Lea
Croatia: Zoe, Snail the Painter, White Crow
Czech Republic: Fruits of Clouds, The Dish Washer, The Kite, Cloudy, Wolf Paths, Fruits of Clouds
Denmark: Floreana
Dominican Republic: Double Vida
Estonia: Teofrastus
France: A Tiger With No Stripes, Maestro, A Chick’s Adventure, Sam’s Dream, Small Spark, Housing, Home Sweet Home, I’m the Strongest, Maraude and Murphy, Big Wolf & Little Wolf, 1 Mètre/Heure, Slurp
Germany: Cat Lake City, Elephant, I Have a Little Cactus, 199 Little Heroes: Jesus From Mexico, Isabel’s Treasure, Boje, Carlotta’s Face, Little Achilles, The Calves, Winter, fortissimo, All the Dear Little Animals, 199 Little Heroes: Cynthia From Burundi, 199 Little Heroes: Rania From Syria, Maradona’s Legs
Hungary: Kippkopp in the Snow, Katapult
India: Apples and Oranges, Saving Mr. Green, Baitullah, Nooreh, The Fish Curry
Iran: The Spinning Top
Ireland: All in Good Time, The Girl at the End of the Garden
Italy: Strawberries, Monsters Don’t Exist, Becolored, 199 Little Heroes: Ilyas From Italy, A Chick’s Adventure
Japan: Summer of the Ice Age, Hiro & Hana Favorite of a Sea Otter, Komaneko, Pickle Plum Parade, Konigiri-Kun Butterfly, Pen&Magic, ENGIMON, Goodnight, Om Nom Nom, AnimationxParalympic: Who is Your Hero? Paralympic Judo
Korea: Saturday’s Apartment
Latvia: Crazy Fox, The Dust
Lummi Nation: Salmon People
Mexico: A Tiger With No Stripes, Ramón, 199 Little Heroes: Jesus From Mexico
Namibia: Baxu and the Giants
Netherlands: Hate For Sale
Nigeria: My Letter to the Oilsmen
Norway: Little Grey Wolfies – Summer Party
Palestine: Maradona’s Legs
Peru: Like Playing
Poland: The Kite
Qatar: Sh’hab
Russia: CubicCat, The Night Fairytale, So Fast…, Butterflies, Good Heart
Singapore: Balance
Slovakia: The Kite
Slovenia: The Box, Koyaa: Elusive Paper
Spain: Camina Conmigo
Switzerland: Coucouleurs, The Last Day of Autumn, KUAP, Miles Away, Zibilla, Sunday, In a Nutshell
Taiwan: The Rainbow Giant
Turkey: Wicked Girl, Cleats
Uganda: A Kalabanda Ate My Homework, Under My Skin
United Kingdom: The Bicycle Thief, Carpe Diem, Life of a Plastic Cup
United States: Odd Dog, Jinja, Lullabies in Motion, Why Z?, Pitiguá, Welcome, Pulelehua, It’s Good to be Home, Floreana, Gallery Experience, A Dreamer’s Melody, Outgrown, Ming, Etude, Push, Trophy Hunter, Too Much Rain, Dear Introvert, You Reap What You Sow, Double Vida, Stronger Than Steel, Mr. Happ-E, Lac-Note Intolerant, A Different Side…, Nosotros, Free Rider, The Cloning Machine, The Serenade, Reflection, One Small Step, Dumpling, Esperanza’s Turn, Wild Woman, Bee Box
Wales: Anna and Kiko