5 Rupees (CFFS 2018)

Sunday, Jan 28 @ 5 PM

(Piyush Panjuani, India, live action, 2017, 82 minutes, in Hindi with English subtitles)
For ages 8+

Co-presented with Tasveer South Asian Film Festival! North American premiere!

Hamid, age 7, lives with his grandmother in a small village, and although they are poor, they are rich in love for each other. And Hamid notices many other treasures around him — flowers, birds and trees that seem to sing and call to him. But the Eid festival approaches, Granny wants to reward Hamid with a gift of five rupees, and Hamid dreams of spending the money at the fair. Will this small dream of his come true, and if so, at what cost? This film is an emotive journey that hope, despair, and the happiness and magic that true innocence can bring.

Content advisory: Some bullying and a beating (not graphically depicted) of a wrongly-accused child.

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