** NOTE: In response to the public health hazard posed by coronavirus, CFFS Closing Weekend events were postponed. Northwest Film Forum screenings now take place entirely online. Stay safe and stay tuned, though: Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2020 will roll out the digital red carpet for web-based screenings from May 13–17! Thank you for your understanding. **

Prizewinners announced for Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2020

One month after CFFS youth juries first gathered, and then dispersed after an abbreviated festival cut short in order to keep our community safe, we are thrilled to announce the festival’s prizes.

Prizes were selected by three juries of children and youth, who watched the festival’s competition both during the festival, and then remotely after the second weekend of the festival was postponed due to the public health crisis of coronavirus.

Please join the Northwest Film Forum staff in saluting these dedicated young film critics, who gave the festival their all, writing insightful comments and fulfilling their duties with both joy and seriousness.

In awarding prizes, the juries chose 21 films from North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia, recognizing in their awards a majority of female directors for their work.

With their awards, the youth jurors gave nods not only to playful and joyous films but also ones with timely and topical subject matter delving into the issues LGBTQ youth face, climate change, economic injustice, and other important topics.

As always, but especially this year, I am so proud of our young jurors,” said Elizabeth Shepherd, director of the festival. “They are my heroes, and some of the smartest and most insightful people I’ve ever met.

This year, CFFS audience awards will be announced at a later time, after we are able to present the second weekend of the festival. Stay tuned for those results!



• IRON GIANTS JURY (ages 15+) •

Best Feature Film
The Kings of Mulberry Street (Judy Naidoo, South Africa)

Best Documentary Feature
Moving Stories (Rob Fruchtman, Cornelia Ravenal, Mikael Södersten & Wendy Sax, USA)

Best Short Documentary Film
I Am Skylar (Rachel Bower, Canada)

Honorable Mention Short Documentary Film
My Letter to the Oilsmen (Xander de Boer, Nigeria)

Best Short Animated Film
Plastic (Sébastien Baillou, Belgium)

Honorable Mention Short Animated Film
Elsa and the Night (Jöns Mellgren, Sweden)

Best Live-Action Short
Carry My Heart to the Yellow River (Alexis Van Hurkman, China)

Honorable Mention to a Live-Action Short Film
Katapult (Balázs Szövényi-Lux, Hungary)

Northwest Prize (for a film made in the Pacific Northwest)
A Typical Fairytale (Annette Reilly, Canada)

• FANTASTIC FOXES JURY (ages 11–14) •

Best Feature Film
Team Marco (Julio Vincent Gambuto, USA)

Best Documentary Feature
Microplastic Madness (Atsuko Quirk & Debby Lee Cohen, USA)

Best Short Documentary Film
Ramón (Natalia Bernal, Colombia & Mexico)

Honorable Mention Short Documentary Film
London’s Home (Kristen McGregor & Jennifer Treuting, USA)

Best Live-Action Short Film
DELA (Bernard Attal, South Africa and Brazil)

Honorable Mention Live-Action Short Film
Maria Camila’s Gift (Andrés Molano Moncada, Colombia)

Best Short Animated Film
Saturday’s Apartment (Jeon Seungbae, South Korea)

Honorable Mention Short Animated Film
The Kite (Martin Smatana, Czech Republic)

• CATBUS KIDS JURY (ages 8–10) •

Best Feature Film
Rocca Changes the World (Katja Benrath, Germany)

Best Short Documentary Film
199 Little Heroes: Jesus from Mexico (Liny Luzyte, Germany)

Best Short Live Action Short Film
Apples and Oranges (Rukshana Tabassum, India)

Honorable Mention Live Action Short Film
All in Good Time (Bonnie Dempsey, Ireland)

Best Short Animated Film
Snail the Painter (Manuela Vladić-Maštruko, Croatia)

Honorable Mention Short Animated Film
Teofrastus (Sergei Kibus, Estonia)