Elizabeth Shepherd, Festival Director

Elizabeth Shepherd curates year-round family film programs at Northwest Film Forum and is the director the annual Children’s Film Festival Seattle, the West Coast’s largest annual competitive festival of its kind. She is also the curator of REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival, which is held annually at Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theatre in Los Angeles. She has also curated programs for Brooklyn Academy of Music, Asia Society Texas, the Honolulu Museum of Art, and many other prestigious venues in the United States. Before arriving in Seattle, she was the director of Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. She has served on the juries and panels of children’s film festivals worldwide.


Youth Education Manager
Jonah Kozlowski

Workshop Instructors
Jonah Kozlowski & Tatiana Skorlupkina

Festival Trailer Design
Tatiana Skorlupkina

Festival Coordinator
Sophie Donlon

Festival Assistant
Felicia Alumbaugh

Festival Interns
TJ Calhoun, Emalia Hinden, Ina Megalli, Quynh Nguyen, Takahiro Okuda, Calder Stenn, Killian Strebe

Children’s Jury Coordinators
Mira Behar, Chloe Bertolet, Vanatcha Comesongsri, Isaiah Dziko, Delphi Mudede, Victor Xia

Youth Education and Festival Volunteers
Leslie Moulton, Shirley Sing, Dylan Adkisson, Tom Hughes, Ellie Hughes, Isaac Hughes

Technical Director
Brenan Chambers

House Manager
Louie Romo

Hospitality Chairperson
Barbara Curran

Official Program Advisor
Renate Zylla

Northwest Film Forum Staff

Brenan Chambers, Christopher Day, Vivian Hua, Jonah Kozlowski, Louie Romo, Amanda Salazar, Rana San, Elizabeth Shepherd, Paul Siple