Dance for Life (Shorts Program)

Saturday, January 26 – 5:00pm
Sunday, January 27 – 7:00pm

Ages 8+

Enjoy these short films that celebrate the magic of movement around the world! See how birds swarm in a beautiful symphony in the sky, marvel at a dancing Yeti that storms Paris, and join a blind man as he grooves to the deep vibrations of music. The program also spotlights two young people who turn the streets and playgrounds of Los Angeles into their dance floor, and gives an in-depth peek into the lives of two young dancers who are rising stars in the school of the Royal Danish Ballet.

We are excited to welcome Ulrik Birkkjaer, principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet, former Royal Danish Ballet, to introduce Dance For Life at 7 pm on Sunday, Jan. 27. Ulrik will tell us more about When I Dance, the film that anchors this program — the story of pre-teens Ella and Sylvester, two of the Royal Danish Ballet School’s rising stars. Join us for a soaring program!

72 min.

Content advisory: 199 Little Heroes: Nevo, Israel includes a very brief scene where two friends are discussing dead terrorists through the lens of their cultural biases.


Short Films in this Program:

Just Breathe

(Julie Bayer Salzman, US, live action, 2014, 4 min, English) Washington State premiere!

Kids and parents alike can learn from these elementary school students, who talk about anger, the brain, and how they use mindful breathing techniques to calm down.

Am I Paris?

(Yohann Ancele, France, live-action, 2 min, nonverbal) Seattle premiere!

A Yeti-like creature takes the City of Light by storm.

Step by Step

(Charline Arnoux, Mylène Gapp, Léa Rubinstayn, Florian Heilig & Mélissa Roux, France, animation, 2016, 5 min, nonverbal) North American premiere!

A young blind man dances through color fields that represent sound and brain waves.

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(Dawn Westlake, Spain & US, animation & live action, 2018, 4 min, nonverbal) World premiere!

A breakdancer breaks, thanks to movie magic, and then puts himself back together to swim and soar in midair.

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(Lilian Manansala, US, live action, 2017, 4 min, nonverbal) Seattle premiere!

Two friends with distinct personalities approach life differently; one is the calm, patient lake to the other’s swirling storm. Dance is the medium that brings them balance.

The Art of Flying

(Jan van Ijken, The Netherlands, live action, 2015, 2 min, nonverbal) Seattle premiere!

Witness magical “murmurations”: the mysterious and spectacular flights of the common starling.

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199 Little Heroes: Nevo, Israel

(Sigrid Klausmann-Sittler, Germany, live action documentary, 2018, 15 min, Hebrew with English subtitles) North American premiere!

A boy in Israel loves ballet and finds friends and family who support him.

When I Dance

(Signe Roderik, Denmark, live action, 2018, 35 min, Danish with English subtitles) West Coast premiere!

Through the eyes of pre-teens Ella and Sylvester, two of the Royal Danish Ballet School’s rising stars, we get an inside look at the world of ballet from a child’s perspective.

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