Finding My Way (Ages 12+ Short Film Program)

Saturday, March 7 – 3:30pm

Ages 12+

These shorts celebrate the determination and courage of young people who must navigate difficult journeys to fulfill promises to others or themselves. Here’s to those who dream impossible dreams and then watch them come true.

75 min.

** Content advisory: “Mahalia Melts in the Rain” depicts micro-aggressions and bullying. “Carry My Heart to the Yellow River” is an uplifting story about a young woman who pays tribute to her dying friend. “Katapult” is in part a story about first love. “Wolf Paths” and “Monsters in the Dark” have narratives of overcoming trauma, which some scenes that might trigger those who have experienced trauma. **

Short Films in this Program:

Wolf Paths

(Noemi Valentiny, Vojtech Docktal, Czech Republic, animation, 2018, 10 min, nonverbal)

The story of a young boy who learns it is better to run with the wolves than fear the future.

Monsters in the Dark

(Apollonia Thomaier, USA, animation, 2019, 6 min, nonverbal) Seattle premiere! 

A young boy, haunted by his abused past, fears the love of his new family and runs away into a dark forest where he meets a monster that will change his life forever.

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Mahalia Melts in the Rain

(Emilie Mannering and Carmine Pierre-Dufour, Canada, live-action, 2018, 11 min, English) Seattle premiere!

Mahalia, a 9-year-old girl, feels different from the other girls in her ballet class. Hoping to boost her confidence, her mother takes her to the hair salon to get her hair straightened for the very first time.

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Carry My Heart to the Yellow River

(Alexis Van Hurkman, China, live-action, 2019, 21 min, Mandarin with English subtitles) Washington premiere!

Taking her hospitalized friend’s place on a bike tour to the Yellow River, a high school graduate travels to faraway Gannan and races the clock to share pictures of the journey.

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(Balázs Szövényi-Lux, Hungary, live-action, 2019, 27 min, Hungarian with English subtitles) North American premiere!

During the fall of the Soviet Union, 13-year-old Nana comes from America to a small village near Budapest, where she meets Gau, a boy her age. When the teenager’s visit to Hungary comes to an end, the friends have to say goodbye. Oceans apart, Gau hatches a plan.

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