Finding Myself, Finding a Friend (Shorts Program)

Sunday, January 27 – 3:30pm
Wednesday, January 30 – 1:00pm

Ages 8+

These live-action and animation films cross continents, generations, and even species to tell stories of connection, adventure, new beginnings, and happy endings. Friendship truly does make the world go around.

Director Khenrab Palden (Lucy & Tenzin) in attendance with actors Bridget Donnelly and Tenzin Losei!

70 min.

Content advisory: In Two Balloons, a pair of friends experience danger mid-air, while flying in balloons, but there is a happy ending.



Short Films in this Program:

Two Balloons


(Mark C. Smith, US, animation, 2017, 9 min, nonverbal)

Two travelers find and save each other in a place crossed by stars and clouds.

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Sherbert Rozencrantz, You’re Beautiful


(Natalie van den Dungen, Australia, live action, 2018, 10 min, English)

Milly’s world revolves around her pet guinea pig, until her mother orchestrates an attempt to find her a “real” friend.

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Gelato – Seven Summers of Ice Cream


(Daniela Opp, Germany, animation, 2017, 12 min, German with English subtitles) West coast premiere!

Almost 80 years separate Rosa and Molly, however a shared love for ice cream magically connects the two.

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(Kike Arroyo, Spain, live action, 2018, 12 min, Spanish with English subtitles) North American premiere!

Noel, who is about to have his 8th birthday, dresses up in an obscure costume in the hope of finding a kindred spirit.

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(Ben Garfield, Cuba/UK, live action, 2017, 4 min, Spanish with English subtitles) North American premiere!

Three friends reveal what the Harry Potter stories mean to then, transforming their sleepy Cuban town into a world of wizards, witches and monsters.



(Jasmine Castaneda, US & Puerto Rico, live action, 2016, 12 min, Spanish with English subtitles) West coast premiere!

Andrés sells avocados around the neighborhood to save up money for a gift for a girl, but during his journey he learns that life takes unexpected turns.

Trailer >

Kitten Witch


(James Cunningham, New Zealand, live action & animation, 2016, 6 min, English) Northwest premiere!

A precocious kitten wants to be a witch’s helper, but first she must pass a test.

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Lucy & Tenzin


(Khenrab Palden, US, live action, 2018, 6 min)

When Lucy arrives at her friend Tenzin’s house, she witnesses a most unique ritual in the Tibetan culture.

Pops & Branwell


(Aleks Sennwald & Pete Toms, US, animation, 2018, 8 min, English) World premiere!

Pops and Branwell, two kid detectives, suspect a traitor in their squad as they chase a soup-robbing thief.


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