Home Sweet Home (Ages 8+ Short Film Program)

Sunday, March 1 – 1:30pm

Ages 8+

Home is the center of every kid’s universe, and family is the gravity that keeps their feet on the ground. This eye-popping program begins and ends with two short documentaries from personal perspectives that show us how there is no place like home.

74 min.

** Content advisory: Two films (“Home Sweet Home” and “The Kite“) deal in a sensitive and creative way with how grandparents can grow old and die. Both films have affirming messages of how children always carry their grandparents’ love with them throughout their lives. **

Short Films in this Program:

I love everything


(José Mestenapéo, Inuit Nation, live-action doc, 2017, 3 min, in French with English subtitles) West Coast premiere!

José, who is 8, takes us on a guided tour of Nutashkuan, showing us all that he loves.



(Florent Hill, France, live-action, 2019, 4:14 min, mostly nonverbal, brief French with English subtitles) Seattle premiere!

Grandma’s table manners drive one boy bananas until he devises a clever fix.

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Good Heart


(Eugenia Zhirkova, Russia, animation, 2018, 5:11 min, nonverbal) West Coast premiere!

In a primeval forest lives a primitive family. All mom wants is for everyone to be full and healthy, and help her with her work! Normally a gloomy and strict mom, she changes on the day her son brings a puppy home.

The Dust


(Dace Riduze, Latvia, animation, 2018, 13 min, mostly nonverbal, brief Latvian with English subtitles) West Coast premiere!

High on a shelf in a boy’s room, some little friends want to come out to brighten up a boring day.



(Raymond Limantara Sutisna, Singapore, animation, 3:37 min, nonverbal)

Two painters battle it out, each trying to make art in their own style.

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(Mami Yoshikura, UK, animation, 2018, 4 min, nonverbal) Seattle premiere!

The Labradoodle Billie’s good life takes a bad turn one morning when her beloved owner doesn’t wake up. She is taken to a place she doesn’t recognize. She is lonely, but then her life takes a new turn, and she feels frisky and happy again.

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(Judith Herbeth, France, animation, 2019, 3 min, sung in French)

A mother tries to keep her daughter home and out of trouble, but finds her love is the thread that will always keep her safe.

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Saturday’s Apartment


(Jeon Seungbae, Korea, animation, 2018, 7 min, nonverbal)

In an apartment house with five different family members, noise from above and below is a constant struggle. Can there ever be peace?

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The Kite


(Martin Smatana, Czech Republic, Poland & Slovakia, animation, 2019, 12:34 min, nonverbal)

A boy learns that his beloved grandpa’s love will last forever, always lifting him up when he feels low.

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Gallery Experience


(Jinghan Tian, China & USA, animation, 2019, 4 min, nonverbal) Seattle premiere!

A girl has a magical experience while visiting a gallery with dad for the first time.

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Home Sweet Home


(Chaitane Conversat, France, animation, 2018, 13 min, in French with English subtitles) West Coast premiere!

A grandmother’s house slowly fills up with boxes full of memories. She and her friends, the bugs, spend each week inventing stories for her granddaughter. As the little girl grows older, the house starts running out of space, and the girl must enlist the bugs to help her.

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London’s Home


(Kristen McGregor & Jennifer Treuting, US, live-action doc, 2018, 6:35 min, in English)

When a fire destroys the apartment that nine-year-old London and her family have called home for years, everything is suddenly different. Everyone’s unharmed, but where will they stay? See how London and her family learn that “home” means more than having a house.

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