Kids are always VIPs and decision-makers at the festival.

More than 25 local kids ages 8-15 participate as jurors, viewing a full slate of films in competition and awarding official festival prizes.

Interested in joining the jury? Email Elizabeth Shepherd for more info!


Testimonials from Children’s Jury Members and Leaders

“Being a part of the Northwest Film Forum family makes me feel a part of something important. Each year the Children’s Film Festival reminds me to be globally aware, and to be an active youth in my community.” — EVA CYRA

“For as long as I can remember, the festival has been a place where I can experience the world, and expand my frame of mind as a human. CFFS has taught me more about life than any history or social studies class could ever attempt.” — ISAAC HUGHES

“I have loved expanding my perspective over the years in both the world of film and the world in general through this process. Talking in discussion groups about the technique of film helped me to hone my artistic eye and my skills in articulation and I enjoy guiding new groups of jurors through that same process now that I am older. It is exciting to get a glimpse into their thought processes. Also, it has always been refreshing to see films not produced in the Hollywood assembly line (as much as I love those) and from cultures underrepresented in much of American media. Most importantly, my experience with the festival has left me with some of my most cherished relationships.” — VIV DANIEL