Lift-off (Ages 9+ Short Film Program)

Saturday, March 7 – 11:30am
On-Site at Northwest Film Forum
(1515 12th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122)

Sunday, March 8 – 1:00pm
Off-Site at Rainier Arts Center
(3515 S Alaska St., Seattle, WA 98118)

NOTE: For the March 8th screening of Lift-Off, audiences can purchase tickets for the SCREENING *ONLY*, or join us at 11:30am for BOTH THE BREAKFAST SMORGASBOARD AND SCREENING.

Ages 9+

These stories of adventure will take you to outer space and back, with films showing what it is like to be out on your own, in a world of wild adventure and imagination, making decisions and, ultimately, finding your way back home again.

78 min.

** On Sunday, March 8, join Children’s Film Festival Seattle off-site at Rainier Arts Center (3515 S. Alaska St.) for a full day of colorful Closing Day festivities! **

Celebrating the festival’s globally-minded programs in one of Seattle’s most diverse neighborhoods, the morning will kick off with your choice of “Om Nom Nom” or “Lift-off” – two programs that combine breakfast and a film screening – and then continue throughout the day with films for all ages, intergenerational hands-on workshops, and an awards ceremony!

Finally, the entire festival closes out with a live performance by youth from the School of Spectrum Dance Theater, who will choreograph a routine exclusively in response to the evening’s feature film, Moving Stories! Moving Stories follows youth from around the world to showcase the transformative power and universal language of dance.

** Content advisory: Kids take off from home, without permission, in “Anna and Kiko” and “Outgrown.” “All the Dear Little Animals” depicts funerals for small dead animals in a sweet and non-graphic way. **

Short Films in this Program:



(Shelley Welch & Mohammad Rastkar, Canada, animation, 2019, 4:45 min, nonverbal) Washington premiere!

When a spaceship lands on a faraway planet, an astronaut emerges to claim the barren land. But wait a minute — someone is already there.

Ray’s Great Escape


(Jie Weng, China, animation, 2018, 7 min, nonverbal)

Ray is a little monster who lives on the edge of a volcano that is about to erupt, which pushes him to transform his house into an escape module, and hang on for the ride!

Trailer >

All the Dear Little Animals


(Michael Ekblad & Alexandra Schatz, Germany, animation, 2019, 7:32 min, Swedish with English subtitles)

One summer day, a couple of kids started a business called Funerals Ltd. to help all the poor dead animals in the world. One did all the digging, one wrote the poems, and another cried. Based on the offbeat, charming and whimsical book by Ulf Nisson and Eva Eriksson.



(Zuzana Cupova & Flip Diviak, Czech Republic, animation, 2018, 4:43 min, nonverbal)

Mr. Gnome is sunbathing in​ his garden when a little cloud suddenly hides the sun. Mr. Gnome is pretty annoyed but, fortunately,​ he knows precisely what to do with such clouds​.​

A Kalabanda Ate My Homework


(Raymon Malinga, Uganda, animation, 2017, 6:24 min, English)

A kalabanda is a mythical animal that is said to haunt schools in Uganda. While it is a bit scary to think about, it also provides an excellent excuse for missing homework.

Trailer >

Monsters Don’t Exist


(Ilaria Angelini, Luca Barberis Organista & Nicola Bernardi, Italy, animation, 2017, 3:23 min, nonverbal)

Two little troublemakers are in detention, but while their teacher isn’t paying attention, the boys start drawing and get themselves into even more hot water.

Trailer >



(Huriyyah Muhammad, USA, live-action, 2019, 13 min, English)

Reggie and Sam, two kids of the 1990s, find out their favorite hip hop artist will be in town. Reggie’s mom says no way to going to the concert, but the thick-as-thieves cousins know they can dream up a way to be there.

Trailer >

Anna and Kiko


(Delyth Thomas, Wales, animation, 2019, 15 min, Welsh with English subtitles) North American premiere!

Ten-year-old Anna and her mom are being evicted from their home and it looks like Anna’s scruffy dog Kiko will have to go to the dog pound. Anna decides that she and Kiko have to stay together, no matter what.

The Girl at the End of the Garden


(Bonnie Dempsey, Ireland, live-action, 2019, 14 min, in English)

An unhappy young girl’s life is turned upside down when she finds a mysterious runaway with psychic powers in her back garden.

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