No Bullies Allowed (Shorts Program)

Saturday, January 26 – 7:00pm
Sunday, January 27 – 1:30pm

Age 9+

These short films are all about fearless kids who learn to stand strong, breathe deep and fly high. Meet a boy who overcomes his fears, a classroom full of kids who practice the powers of meditation, a boy and girl who learn that their friendship is worth fighting for, a student whose teachers make unreasonable demands, and a kid who must gather the courage to leave a secret hideout where bullies have been banned.

66 min.

** Special guests! Filmmaker Enrique Delzer (Robbie’s Fears) and Giselle Geney (director) and Andrés Montaña (producer and sound director) of the film 3feet (Colombia) will be in attendance! **

CONTENT ADVISORY: Characters in the films in this program experience non-graphic physical and emotional bullying. The film Loser Leaves Town is about a boy who wears a Lucha libre mask and imagines himself, at times, to be in the ring as a large and imposing luchador (Mexican wrestler). He and another character engage in a physical but non-graphic fight in the film.



Short Films in this Program:

Just Breathe


(Julie Bayer Salzman, US, live action, 2014, 4 min, English) Washington State premiere!

Kids and parents alike can learn from these elementary school students, who talk about anger, the brain, and how they use mindful breathing techniques to calm down.

Robbie’s Fears


(Enrique Delzer, US, animation, 2018, 2 min, English) Seattle premiere! Filmmaker in attendance!

Robbie, a 12-year-old boy, overcomes the anxieties that keeps him awake at night, with the help of his mother.



(Kristina Mileska, Canada, live action, 2018, 3 min, nonverbal)

Self-conscious of her homemade grape costume at a party, a girl decides to make a run for it and return home.

Trailer >

Shoot for the Moon


(Lauren Hoekstra, US, live action, 2017, 4 min, English)

A young girl chases her science dreams, believing in herself when it seems few others do.

Loser Leaves Town


(Mark Nickelsburg, US, live action, 2018, 12 min, English) Seattle premiere!

An 11-year-old luchador named José retreats into a fantasy world, but when he encounters a tough 12-year-old girl, he finds his sanctuary world being infiltrated by the real one.



(Giselle Geney, Colombia, live action, 2018, 14 min, Spanish with English subtitles) North American premiere! Fimmakers in attendance!

An imaginative and tenacious 10-year old faces the most difficult task of his life: get to school with clean shoes.

Trailer >



(Daniel Bydlowski, US/Brazil, live action, 2018, 28 min, English) Seattle premiere!

A 10-year-old boy is afraid of bullies until he discovers a secret beneath his school that promises to keep him safe — if he’s willing to play by the rules.

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