Not Without Us (CFFS 2018)

Saturday, Feb 3, 2018 @ 5 PM

(Sigrid Klausmann, Germany, live action, 2016, 85 min, multiple languages with english subtitles)
For ages 10+

Please visit Kids 4 Peace, who will have a table in the lobby for this screening! West Coast premiere!

Fourteen countries, sixteen children, five continents, one voice – however different their living environment, however different their personalities may be, the fears, hopes and dreams of the children in this documentary film will wake you, shake you and give you hope for the future. Regardless of whether they are growing up in peaceful societies or directly exposed to child labor, prostitution, war and violence, all these children long for peace, happiness, friendship and love. They are united in their rejection and fear of war and violence. And every single one of these children is worried about nature and the destruction of their direct and indirect habitat. Go global, and find hope for the future in the lives of real children all over the globe.

Content advisory: Examination of serious global issues, including child abuse, prostitution, trafficking, and child labor in this ultimately uplifting film.