One Girl

Saturday, February 2 – 3:00pm

Rosa Russo, United Kingdom, Romania, Finland & Italy, 2018, 1h 4m
Ages 10+
(live action, Arabic, Romanian, Finnish, Juba Arabic, English, with English subtitles)

North American premiere! Co-presented with Reel Grrls and American Romanian Cultural Society

One Girl is a documentary that takes a glimpse into one ordinary day in the lives of four girls from four different countries in the same meridian. The film allows us to see the lives of these girls from South Sudan, Romania, Palestine, and Finland. With their innocence and spontaneity, these children can show us our differences and similarities, portraying their inner beauty and sometimes their hard challenges. They teach us to be more empathetic towards others and give us a better understanding of our world.

Content advisory: Child marriage is a topic of the film, marital relations are discussed in a non-graphic way.


One Girl – Official Trailer from Rosa Russo on Vimeo.

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