Opening Night: The Cat’s Meow (Ages 6+ Short Film Program)

7PM Film Program
5:30PM Happy Hour


Ages 6–8, and cat lovers of all ages

** Presented in partnership with NEKO Cat Cafe **

This feline-focused (and allergy-free!) animation program is filled with cuddly cats and their adorable antics. Kitties truly make the world go ‘round in this celebration of glorious stop-motion, painted, hand-drawn and CG animation from ten cat-loving countries.

67 min.

Content advisory: The Quintet of the Sunset,” a stop-motion film made with great humor and skill, tackles the subject of mortality in a tenderhearted way.

** Filmmaker María Teresa Salcedo Montero in attendance (Wild Lea)! Her presence is made possible by Proimagenes Colombia and Universidad Manuela Beltrán.**

5:30 Happy Hour:

Kids and families are invited to mingle and munch in the lobby leading up to the screening; we’ll be crafting our own cat puppets to play with and snacking on treats from our neighbors at Rhein Haus Restaurant.

Short Films in this Program:

Cat Lake City


(Antje Heyn, Germany, animation, 2019, 6:42 min, nonverbal) West Coast premiere!

Percy Cat is looking forward to a relaxing day in a cat’s vacation paradise. But the place turns out not to be exactly what he expected!

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Hiro&Hana Favorite of a Sea Otter


(Ayako Kishi, Japan, animation, 2018, 5:07 min, nonverbal) Seattle premiere!

In a secret cottage nestled in a pretty garden, some caring kitties discover how to bring joy to a sad sea otter.

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A Tiger with No Stripes


(Raul “Robin” Morales Reyes, Mexico & France, animation, 2018, 8:40 min, nonverbal) West Coast premiere!

A little tiger goes on a long journey in search of his stripes.

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(Lev Makarov, Russia, animation, 2018, 4:21 min, in English) West Coast premiere!

Ride a rocket ship with a solar-system savvy astronaut who has lots of fun facts and plenty of cattitude!

The Night Fairytale


(Maria Stepanova, Russia, animation, 2019, 6 min, nonverbal) West Coast premiere!

In the life of a little cat, a miracle of love and light happens on a snowy New Year’s Eve.

The Quintet of the Sunset


(Jie Weng, China, animation, 2018, 7:33 min, Mandarin with English subtitles)

A splendid stop-motion celebration of endless love and connection between one human and her five very different fur-children.

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(Sergei Kibus, Estonia, animation, 2018, 15 min, Estonian with English subtitles) West Coast premiere!

A sublime stop-motion story of a stray who finds a home and wins the hearts of those who share his life.

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Cats Can’t Swim


(HaiLing Morgan, UK, animation, 2019, 5 min, nonverbal) West Coast premiere!

A cat with a crazy dream keeps trying to beat the odds.

Odd Dog


(Keika Lee, USA, animation, 2019, 4:30 min, nonverbal) West Coast premiere!

Meet a kitty who is also a clever chameleon, willing to do whatever it takes to find a purr-fect forever home!

Trailer >

Komaneko – First Step


(Tsuneo Goda, Japan, animation, 2009, 5 min, nonverbal)

Meet a determined film cat who is determined to make a movie with her friends, in spite of a pesky fly that can’t stay out of the frame!

Wild Lea


(María Teresa Salcedo Montero, Colombia, animation, 9 min, 2020, Spanish with English subtitles) World premiere! Director in attendance!

Can Lea, a floral cat with a wild spirit, find a home with sweet but cautious rag doll Ciro, and his friends?

¿Puede Lea, una gata con un espíritu salvaje, encontrar un hogar con Ciro, un dulce y cauteloso muñeco de trapo, y sus amigos?

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