Purple Dreams (CFFS 2018)

Sunday, Jan 28, 2018 @ 3 PM

(Joanne Hock, USA, live action, 2017, 72 minutes, in English)
For ages 10+

Producer Robin Grey in attendance! Seattle premiere!

“Purple Dreams” is the chronicle of a triumphant high school musical production that propels its cast and crew into a new world of opportunity and accomplishment. This inspirational documentary shadows six at-risk high school students on an emotionally powerful, three-year journey of transformation in a racially-biased city. With access to the arts and academic mentors, these youth find the means to overcome challenges including homelessness, gang-related violence and single-parent households. These teenagers are testament to a powerful truth: art saves lives.

Content advisory: Scenes and discussions about serious difficulties and life issues faced by the youth in the documentary, including homelessness, violence, poverty and the death of family members.