Short Film Programs (CFFS 2016)

ADVENTURAMA                                              SUNDAY, JANUARY 24 @ 11:30AM

The Great Adventure of Manel and the Magic Toothpicks

North American premiere

(Xavier Pijuan Sala, Spain, live action, 2015, 13:40 min) In Spanish with English subtitles.

Manel’s miserable birthday turns spectacular when his parents’ gift of a box of toothpicks begins benefiting him in ways he never imagined. See Trailer

Job Interview

US premiere

(Thiago Penteado, Brazil, live action, 2015, 14:02 min) In Portuguese with English subtitles.

Pedro is holding interviews for the role of his new secret friend, but with a list of candidates that includes his dad, a dog that ate his resume, and a bee that can’t do more than 50 push-ups, he’s not sure if he’ll ever find the friend he needs. See Trailer

Lea and the Forest Pirates

US premiere

(Maria Avramova, Sweden, animation, 2015, 29 min) In Swedish with English subtitles.

When her baby brother disappears, Lea must face her fear and set off on an adventure through the forest, where she finds friends in the most unexpected places.

Notes to parents: Adventures can be rowdy! There is a snake in “Lea and the Forest Pirates,” a glass of wine in “The Job Interview,” brief glimpses of video game violence and a dead bird in “Manel and the Toothpicks,” and a cigar in “The Search for the Monster of Lake Quannapowitt.”

BECOMING ME                                             SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 @ 3:30PM

(72 min)

Ages 7+

All aboard for a journey into the wildest depths of your imagination! Meet mysterious birds, bumbling monsters, a magical box of toothpicks, and a miniature pirate army of three, as you discover that the best parts of adventures are the memories and friends you make along the way.

(69 min)

Ages 11+

This program features some of the finest filmmaking worldwide on the challenges and joys of growing up. A young First Nations woman thinks about social networks, a trans girl just starting middle school makes new friends, and a whole classroom of Seattle kids open up and let us know exactly what’s on their minds. This revelatory selection will have viewers of all ages contemplating deep thoughts and embracing their unique selves.

Before director, Terence Brown in attendance!

Face or Profile

US premiere

(Sharon Fontaine, Canada/Innu Nation, live action, 2014, 4:38 min) In French with English subtitles.

Teen filmmaker Sharon reflects on the meaning of Facebook and our profile pictures. See Trailer


Seattle premiere

(Bennett Lasseter, USA, live action, 2014, 21:54 min) In English.

A brave 11-year-old trans girl makes friends at a new school, but can they accept her for who she is? See Trailer


Seattle premiere

(Laura Lehmus, Germany, animation, 2014, 6:14 min) In German with English subtitles.

This clever documentary about puberty takes interviews with real teens and turns them into animated awkward aliens. See Trailer


Seattle made!

(Terence Brown, USA, live action, 2015, 37 min) In English.

A funny, moving and sometimes heartbreaking documentary about the moment when adolescence begins to eclipse childhood, seen through the lens of a fifth-grade class on the last day of elementary school. See Trailer

Notes to parents: “Stealth,” “Alienation,” and “Before” include some frank discussion of the changes of puberty and mild coarse language. In “Stealth,” some characters behave in hurtful and exclusionary ways. “Before” also includes personal accounts of illness and grief.

BEST BUDS                          SAT. JANUARY 23 @ 3:30PM & SUN. JANUARY 31 @ 1PM

(73 min)

Age 8+

Friendship makes the world go ’round in this collection of animated and live action films from six different countries. No matter where you go, the unbreakable bonds formed by like-minded souls are the same.

Classic Film Fun: The Red Balloon

A Seattle youth-made film!

(Jonah Kozlowski and students Marley Brody, Averee Jessa Budden, Bianca DeGrazia, Elise Finnan, Emma Finnan, Toa Ghatak, Frey Hebert, Silas Hughes, George Martin, and Aamina Mughal. USA, 2015, live action, 4:02 min) In English.

A remake of the classic French film, shot on the streets of Capitol Hill in Seattle!


West Coast premiere

(Raúl Robin Morales Reyes, Mexico, 2014, animation, 5 min) In Spanish with English subtitles.

A street kid and a cat form an unbreakable bond of friendship, and rescue each other from all kinds of trouble. See Trailer

Vitello Digs a Hole

West Coast premiere

(Dorte Bengtson, Denmark, 2014, animation, 8 min) In Danish with English subtitles.

A bored boy decides to make a trap to catch a new friend.


West Coast premiere

(Che Espiritu, Philippines, 2014, live action, 18:26 min) In Tagalog with English subtitles.

Best friends Siopao and Araw draw inspiration from random beautiful people in the city, in an attempt to draw the faces of their mothers whom they haven’t known at all. See Trailer


North American premiere

(Goh Wei Choon and Jiahui Wee, Singapore, 2014, animation, 7:32 min) Nonverbal.

A boy and a girl who both feel like outsiders discover a soulmate in each other.

The Friend

North American premiere

(Maria Grabovscaia, Moldova, 2015, live action, 9:56) Nonverbal.

A girl decides to build her own best friend from scratch.

Me Buddy, Muhammad

Seattle premiere (Eleanor Walsh, Ireland, 2014, live action, 12:56) In English.Meet two boys who backgrounds are different, but whose ideas of friendship are the same.

CARPE DIEM                          SUN. JANUARY 24 @ 1:30PM & SAT. JANUARY 30 @ 1PM


North American premiere

(Susann Hoffmann, Germany, animation, 2014, 3:14 min) Nonverbal.

A little forest creature looks different from the others and longs to blend into the crowd. But soon, he meets friends who love him the way he is. See Trailer

The Trumpeteer

(Raúl Robin Morales Reyes, Mexico, animation, 2014, 10 min) Nonverbal.

A member of a marching band breaks the rules in order to find his freedom.

Mo’s Bows

Northwest premiere

(Jennifer Treuting and Kristen McGregor, USA, live action, 2015, 6:19 min) In English.

Meet Moziah Bridges, and see what it’s like to be the bow tie king of Memphis! See Trailer

(74:19 min)

Ages 8+

There is only one you, so don’t be afraid to embrace the things that make you special! The kids in these short films pursue passions, overcome obstacles and discover that their differences can be delightful. You’ll be inspired to chase your own unique dreams, in your own unique way, after the show!


Seattle made!

(Jeremy Asher Lynch, USA, live action, 2015, 13:46 min) In English.

Girls wear dresses and boys don’t, right? Get to know a cool Seattle kid who doesn’t conform to those old stereotypes. See Trailer

Super Girl

Seattle premiere

(Vaani Arora and Hemant Gaba, India, live action, 2014, 16 min) In English and some Hindi, with English subtitles.

A girl with a passion for physics travels down a surprising path to become a superhero. See Trailer

Andrew with Great Fanfare

West Coast premiere

(André Hörmann, Germany/USA, live action, 2014, 25 min) In English.

A determined teen must give everything he has to become the proud drum major who leads his band in a Mardi Gras parade.

Notes to parents: Some big words are spoken by adults in “Tomgirl,” a sweet documentary about a non-gender-conforming 7-year-old. “The Trumpeteer” and “Looks” tell stories about overcoming bullying.

CUDDLY CRITTERS                                                     SAT. JANUARY 23 @ 11AM

(56:25 min)

Ages 2+

Take a trip to an animated animal kingdom, where you’ll find everything from teensy ants to huge, hungry hippos! If you love four-legged, furry, finned and feathery creatures, this is the program for you.

Perfect Houseguest

West Coast premiere

(Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter, USA, 2015, 1:35 min) Nonverbal.

A tiny mouse just can’t resist tidying everything up when he pays a visit to a house.

The Last Leaf

Seattle premiere

(Gwyneth Christoffel, Canada, 2014, 1:35 min) Nonverbal.

A cute little caterpillar gets into some trouble by being greedy for the last leaf on the tree.

The Birdie

North American premiere
(Yekaterina Filippova, Russia, 2:40 min) Nonverbal.
A bird and a hippo become great friends, and decide to build a house together.

The Visitors

West Coast premiere

(Philip Watts, Australia, 2014, 1 min) Nonverbal.

A man thinks he has his house all to himself. But soon, some guests begin to arrive!

See Trailer

Caballito De Mar

North American premiere

(Yenny Santamaría Amado, Colombia, 2013, 4:27) In Spanish with English subtitles.

A little seahorse urges everyone he meets to take good care of the sea.

The Most Best Hat

Seattle made!

(Jenelle Weidlich, USA, puppetry and live action, 2015, 2:40 min) In English.

A pufferfish has lost his hat! Don’t worry, there is a haberdashery nearby!

Hippo and Juice

North American premiere

(Alexey Minchenok, Russia, 2015, 2:30 min) In English.

A hungry hippo goes looking for his favorite food and beverage —blueberry pie and juice!


North American premiere

(Marina Karpova, Russia, animation, 2015, 3:05 min) In English.

Someone has put a ladybug in a teensy tiny matchbox. Find out how she makes her great escape!

Cloudy Goats

(Hamid Karimian, Iran, animation, 2014, 5 min) Nonverbal.

A young lamb is rescued by a man with a flute and a beautiful soaring bird.

How Shammies Built a House

World premiere

(Edmunds Jansons, Latvia, 2015, 5:31 min) In English.

Some adorable fabric creatures get ready to welcome a pet to their home.

The Little Bird and the Squirrel

West Coast premiere

(Lena von Döhren, Switzerland, 2014, 4:20 min) Nonverbal.

Can two tiny creatures outwit a fox? Of course they can! See Trailer

Mr. K’s New House

Seattle premiere

(Enson Huang, Taiwan, 2014, 3:34 min) In Mandarin with English subtitles.

A man begins to build a new house for himself, but soon, he is visited by lots of animals who also are looking for shelter.

The Mods

North American premiere

(Antonio Padovan, Italy, 2014, 3:14 min) Nonverbal.

Expect a big mess when a snake and a dinosaur try to build a model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! See Trailer


North American premiere

(Pia Auteried, Germany, 2014, 4:26 min) Nonverbal.

A mushroom awakens one morning, missing his cap! What’s a little fungus to do? See Trailer


(Dmitry Vysotskiy, Russia, 2014, 3:40 min) Nonverbal.

Ants and birds learn how to work together to save a tree that they all live in. See Trailer


West Coast premiere

(Justin Melillo, USA, 2013, 3:35 min) Nonverbal.A determined lion cub finds his way home with the help of friends.

Xavier the Cat

US premiere

(Andrzej Orzechowski and Bronislaw Zeman, Poland, 2013, 8 min) Nonverbal.

Can a solitary cat change his stripes when visitors show up to play?

Note for parents: This program is full of gentle stories, uplifting characters and happy endings, though not all the plot lines are completely conflict-free. We encourage parents of especially sensitive young viewers to read the one-line film descriptions to their little ones before the show.

EXPLORE GALORE                                                     SUN. JANUARY 31 @ 11AM

(69 min)

Ages 2+

Adventures and a feast for the senses await you in this collection of wacky, sweet and silly animated films. Experiment with some mad scientists, dance across the kitchen counter with some sushi, trick some hungry dragons and dinosaurs, make a game out of cleaning up the house, and discover the beautiful music of friendship.

Konigirikun – A Little Rice Ball

West Coast premiere

(Mari Miyazawa, Japan, 2015, 5 min) Nonverbal.

Sushi animation brings to life the adventures of a rice ball kid and his pet broccoli.


Seattle premiere

(Brandon Oldenburg and Limbert Fabian, USA, 2014, 2:40 min) Nonverbal.

What could be more magical than the movies? In this homage to silent film, a powerful little girl is calling the shots! See Making of Video

Boing Doing Squeak Ping

North American premiere

(Lisan Peters, The Netherlands, 2013, 1 min) Nonverbal.

Watch shapes dance and listen to the music they make.

No Bongo Ting Kwa Kwa

Seattle premiere

(Walter Santucci, USA, 2015, 1:53 min) In English.

Two silly scientists can’t agree on the best way to use the equipment in their laboratory.

Camusi Camusi

Seattle premiere

(Yenny Santamaría Amado, Colombia, 2014, 4 min) In Spanish with English subtitles.

A tale of three musical instruments, told in felt animation. See Trailer

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

(Pete List, USA, 2015, 10:45 min) In English.

A new twist on the classic fairy tale brings Goldilocks to the house of Mama and Papa Dinosaur, and their dinosaur friend from Norway. Games and Activities!

Fridge Princess

US premiere

(Tale Do, Michelle Oh and Ruby Xia, Canada, 2015, 2:39 min) Nonverbal.

Can a slightly smudged drawing of a princess find its way to a place of pride on the fridge door? Of course it can!

Herman’s Heart

US premiere

(Anne Kristin Berge, Norway, 2014, 8:17 min) Nonverbal.

When a little boy discovers that his heart is big enough to make room for his little sister, he goes on a journey that has a happy ending.

Troll Trap

US premiere

(Klaus Morschheuser and Johannes Weiland, Germany, 2014, 7:30 min) In German with English subtitles.

An enterprising little girl makes friends with some trolls.

Sensible Senses

West Coast premiere

(Joanna Polak, Poland, 2013, 5:30 min) Nonverbal, with text in English.

A man learns all about his five different senses, and how they help him understand his world and make him feel.

How Shammies Tidied Up

World premiere

(Edmunds Jansons, Latvia, 2015, 5:06 min) In English.

When the Shammies can’t find their toys, they decide to make a game out of cleaning up the clutter in their room! See Trailer

Rice Ball’s Little Mallet

Seattle premiere

(Yu Li-Fu, Taiwan, 2014, 3:48 min) In Mandarin with English subtitles.

A smart little boy uses some unlikely lucky charms to outwit a hungry dragon that he meets in the woods. In the end, the dragon is the ‘fraidy cat!

Friends (Episodes 1-2-5-8-10)

West Coast premiere

(Christophe Defaye and Olivier Defaye, Japan, 2014, 10:30 min) In English.

Find out about the adventures of the notes La and Mi, and their other friends who show up to make beautiful music one day. See Trailer

Notes to parents: This program is full of lively stories, comic characters and happy endings. However, not all the plot lines are completely conflict-free. Parents of especially sensitive young viewers should read the film descriptions to their little ones before the show, so everyone knows what to expect. The film “Silent” features a very quick and not-very-scary reference to scary movies, and in “Herman’s Heart,” a little girl is lost and found.

GLOBAL ZOOM                                                     SAT. JANUARY 23 @ 11:30AM

Autumn Leaves

West Coast premiere

(Saman Hosseinpuor, Kurdistan/Iran, 2015, 4 min) Nonverbal.

A spirited little girl is running late for school.

Sink or Swim

North American premiere

(Michiel Vaanhold, The Netherlands, 2014, 10 min) Nonverbal.

In an empty swimming pool, two boys shimmy and shake to fit in with the crowd.

I’ve Just Had a Dream

Seattle premiere

(Javi Navarro, Spain, 2014, 7:25 min) In Spanish and Arabic with English subtitles.

One night, two girls living thousands of miles apart have the same life-changing dream.

See Trailer

The Tramp

Northwest premiere

(Emmanuel Moscoso, Argentina, 2015, 11 min) In Spanish with English subtitles.

Nacho is heartbroken when his mom sells his bicycle, until his best friend comes up with a plan to save the day.

(74 min)

Ages 8+

Travel around the world with this collection of live action films spanning the globe. Whether you run, dance, fly, bike, or burrow through the center of the earth, don’t forget to take the scenic route and enjoy the view.


(Selcen Yilmazoglu, Turkey, 2015, 8:22 min) In Turkish with English subtitles.

Hursit learns the importance of fighting against ethnic discrimination, even if it means standing up to his family and friends. See Trailer

Shortcut to Brazil

North American premiere

(Mana Harabayashi, Japan, 2015, 15 min) In Japanese with English subtitles.

Two soccer-loving brothers in Japan try to dig a hole deep enough to reach Brazil.

The Magic Shoes

Seattle premiere

(Sahand Nikoukar, USA, 2014, 18:30 min) In English and Farsi with English subtitles.

All Kamron, a nine-year-old Iranian immigrant, needs to fit in at his new school is a pair of Air Jordans. Just one problem – his parents won’t buy them. See Trailer

Notes to parents: A boy learns a lesson about fighting and stealing in The Magic Shoes, and a dancer jumps from a high place in Sink or Swim.

IMAGINE THAT!                  SUN. JANUARY 24 @ 1:00PM & SAT. JANUARY 30 @ 5:30PM

Light Motif

West Coast premiere

(Frédéric Bonpapa, France/United Kingdom, animation, 2014, 4:15 min) Nonverbal.

A monkey sits back and watches as a world is built around him. Featuring a Steve Reich soundtrack, and some very cool colors! See Trailer

Abstract Painting

World premiere

(Tatiana Skorlupkina, Russia, animation, 2015, 6:34 min) In English.

Different animals try to describe a painting, but they all see different things! Based on Daniil Harms children’s story, “The Boobooboo Dog.”

Fabric Cosmos

US premiere

(Seung-hee Jung, South Korea, animation, 2015, 11:05 min) In Korean with English subtitles.

A curious little boy and a bouncy chipmunk explore their small planet, which is part of a vast cosmos full of different fabrics. See Trailer

A is for Aye-Aye: an Abecedarian Adventure

World premiere

(Augusta Palmer, USA, live action and animation, 2015, 13:56 min) Nonverbal.

A young girl brings 100 years of images to life when she befriends an aye-aye, a lemur from Madagascar, in the New York Public Library’s Picture Collection.

Notes to parents: The film “Light Motif” is meant to provide kids with a colorful introduction to experimental cinema. Another film in the program, “True Places,” shows how a young boy uses his imagination to cope with the loss of a grandparent.

(63:24 min)

Ages 5+

Peek inside this cinematic cabinet of curiosities, and you’ll see a mind-blowing mélange of images sure to stir your most creative impulses. Befriend a lemur, dive into the pages of a book, watch your drawings come alive and marvel at the size of your own mind — it can hold so many thoughts!

Little Attic

A youth-made film! West Coast premiere

(Maiia Fazulina, Russia, animation, 2015, 3:36 min) In Russian with English subtitles.

What’s going on up there in your head? Think good thoughts, and help others do the same!

The Fly

Seattle premiere

(Marco di Gerlando, Italy, live action and animation, 2015, 7 min) Nonverbal.

A schoolgirl’s drawing comes alive in a most unexpected way! See Trailer


West Coast premiere

(Antje Heyn, Germany, animation, 2015, 7:39 min) Nonverbal.

This film, named for the Tibetan word for “being brave,” takes us on a girl’s adventure to a world, where she becomes aware of her strength and skills. See Trailer

Very Lonely Cock

North American premiere

(Leonid Shmelkov, Russia, animation, 2015, 6 min) Mostly nonverbal, with some Russian with English subtitles.

A day starts out like any other for a hen, but soon, things begin to go haywire in the barnyard.

True Places

A youth-made film! US premiere

(Theo Taplitz, USA, live action, 2015, 5:03 min) In English.

A boy lost in sadness discovers a mysterious hole in one of the books his grandfather left behind.

INDIA RISING                              CARCO THEATRE: SAT. JANUARY 23 @ 11:00AM 

(77:21 min)

Ages 8+

Meet these extraordinary young people, imaginary and real-life, growing up in India: Anu, a bookworm who solves mysteries; Malia, in search of a magic spell to save her hometown from pollution; Ashay, who is struggling to figure out what it means to be a man; and Jayshree, a tribal girl who worked to support her family and now wants to help girls like her go to school. These brave kids and teens will inspire you to make a difference in your world.

The Poem Thief

North American premiere

(Asmit Pathare, India, live action, 2014, 20 min) In English and Hindi.

Anu, bullied by her classmates, investigates a mystery with the help of her imaginary friend Detective Sherkhan. See Trailer

Adventures of Malia

Seattle premiere

(Shubhavi Arya, India, animation, 2015, 11:37 min) In English.

In order to save her home from pollution, a girl goes in search of a magical spell and transforms into a mermaid, in this animated film created by a 16-year-old. See Trailer


West Coast premiere

(Soumil Shetty, India, live action, 2014, 18:13 min) In English and Hindi.

12-year-old Ashay wakes up one morning to find he has the beginnings of a moustache! See Trailer

Fire in Our Hearts

Seattle premiere(Jayshree Janu Karpade, India/USA, live action, 2012, 27:31 min) In English.A riveting collaboration between a professional documentarian and a 16-year-old Warli filmmaker who is fighting for education for tribal girls in India. See Trailer

Notes to parents: “The Poem Thief” includes a few scenes of bullying, “Moustache” includes kid-friendly discussion of adolescence, and “Fire in Our Hearts” has serious themes of sexism and class-based oppression from a teen’s perspective.

INDIGENOUS SHOWCASE                                        SAT. JANUARY 30 @ 7:00PM

(67.22 min)

Ages 9+

Looking forward and looking back pose unique challenges for the young Indigenous people in this program: a young woman remembers the experience of residential schools, a teenage boy in Australia can’t decide between fishing or a date, a little girl wonders what changes the internet will bring to her village in Peru, and youth in the Pacific Northwest find strength in the traditions of their ancestors.

Song for Mother Earth

US premiere

(Directed by NW Plants and Foods Collective, Yakama/USA, 2015, live action, 2:31 min) In English.

Mariana Harvey (Yakama) sings a song for the Earth and her bounty.


US premiere

(Tracy Rector, Snoqualmie/USA, 2015, live action, 4:06 min) In English.

Native plant medicine includes adapting to what materials are available, so elderberry is now being used throughout tribal communities to treat flu-like symptoms and winter colds.

Samish Canoe Family

US premiere

(Longhouse Media, Samish/USA and Canada 2014, live action, 3:36 min) In English and Samish.

Join Samish people, who have traveled hundreds of miles from the San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island by canoe, to the Quinault Reservation to celebrate their traditional culture.

I Remember (Megwitetm)

West Coast premiere

(Crystal Dawn Jerome, Micmac Nation/Canada, 2014, live action, 3:29 min) In French with English subtitles.

A woman remembers the sights, sounds, and smells of her childhood. See Trailer

Mommy (Neka)

West Coast premiere

(Nemnemiss McKenzie, Innu Nation/Canada, 2014, animation, 4:21 min) In English.

On a paper crumpled with time, a young woman pays tribute to her mother. See Trailer

High Tide

West Coast premiere

(Kimberley West, Australia, 2014, live action, 10:18 min) In English.

Can Jamie set his fishing line aside for one night in order to catch the girl of his dreams? Directed by an Indigenous filmmaker from Broome, Australia, where the tide is so big it used to rise right up into town!

Water Path

(Carlos Felipe Montoya, Colombia, 2014, live action, 8 min) In Spanish with English subtitles.

Nicole goes to fetch fresh water from the spring but something unexpected happens on her return. See Trailer


Seattle premiere

(Javier Fesser, Spain, 2014, live action, 27:39 min) In Spanish with English subtitles.

An amazing innovation reaches a school in the Peruvian Andes and revolutionizes the lives of the whole community: the internet. See Trailer

Finding Strength

US Premiere
Britney Dougi & Paper Rocket Productions, Navajo/US, 2015, live action, 4:02 min) In English.
A teenager find a ways to keep faith within herself and strengthen her personal perspective.

Notes to parents: Finding Strength contains a scene where ceremonial tobacco is smoked.

MAGIC POTION                                                    SAT. JANUARY 23 @ 5:30PM &

                                                                 SAT. JANUARY 30 @ 10:30AM AND 11AM

(65:57 min)

Ages 5+

These short movies are full of “abracadabra” moments! Go on a wild wagon ride, chase the moon, find a message in a bottle, and set off on a real life adventure to discover the things that will make you truly happy.

Taking Flight

Northwest premiere
(Brandon Oldenburg, USA, animation, 2015, 5:17 min) In English.
A little red wagon transports a boy and his grandfather to an out-of-this-world realm of adventure. See Trailer

The Moon and I

World premiere

(Nancy Biniadaki, Germany, live action, 2015, 8:21 min) Mostly nonverbal, with one song in German, with English subtitles.

A little boy can’t sleep one night. And no wonder — there is a bright round object in his room, and it looks a lot like the moon!


Seattle premiere

(Rory Lowe and D.C. Barclay, United Kingdom, live action, 2015, 10:19 min) In English.

A little girl will do anything to get her heart’s desire — the bounciest ball in the world.

See Trailer

We Were Colors

Seattle premiere

(Marcos Almada and Carlos Azcuaga, Mexico, animation, 2014, 7 min) Nonverbal, with some text in Spanish.

Three very different characters meet in a black and white city, and find a way to magically brighten their lives.


West Coast premiere

(Maria Peters, The Netherlands, live action, 2014, 15 min) In Dutch with English subtitles.

A girl discovers a bottle with message inside that tell her how to stop people in their tracks. It’s a nifty trick, until she discovers that she isn’t the only one who wants to use the magic spell.

Myna & Asterix

West Coast premiere

(Kenny Basumatary, India, live action, 2015, 20 min) In English.

City kid Myna visits her cousin, who lives in a village. Together, the pair tries to make a magic potion, but they end up learning something much more valuable. See Trailer

Note to parents: In “Taking Flight,” a boy imagines brandishing a cartoonish ray gun while being chased by a flying saucer.

ONCE UPON A PLANET                                        SUN. JANUARY 24 @ 5:30PM

(82 min)

Ages 9+

The world is full of wonders — tall trees, buzzing bees, beautiful songbirds, wild wolves and silvery salmon. The films in this program celebrate our beloved place in the cosmos, and warn against taking the health of our planet for granted.

Filmmaker Akiko McQuerrey in Attendance!

A Passion of Gold and Fire

(Pins Sébastien, Belgium, live action, 2014, 6:05 min) In French with English subtitles.

Time stands still when a beekeeper works at his apiary, but still, he worries about the future.

See Trailer

Once Upon a Tree

West Coast premiere

(Marleen van der Werf, The Netherlands, live action, 2014, 14:40 min) In Dutch with English subtitles.

A girl who is awestruck by the beauty of her favorite trees makes a plan to stop the chopping in the forest. See Trailer


Seattle premiere

(Po-Chou Chi, Taiwan, animation, 2014, 6 min) Nonverbal.

In a lab, three scientists are attempting to cure the earth of its many ills. Can they succeed before it is too late?


West Coast premiere

(Nuno Amorim, Portugal, animation, 2014, 11:55 min) Nonverbal.

The keeper of a corn field searches for the lost song of a bird he mistakenly chased away.

Papa Cloudy’s Orchestra

World premiere

(Akiko McQuerrey, USA, animation, 2015, 11:40 min) Nonverbal.

After getting an emergency call from polar bears, Papa Cloudy, a gentle cloud, gathers animals to form an orchestra to raise awareness of environmental issues. See Trailer

Ollín and the Tlaloques

US premiere

(Benjamín Alfaro, Mexico, animation, 2015, 5 min) In Spanish with English subtitles.

A boy has to travel to a faraway place to beg the God of Rain to end a drought.

Star Stuff

North American premiere

(Ratimir Rakuljic, Croatia, live action and animation, 2015, 9:42 min) In English.

A boy who wonders about the stars in the sky sets off on a voyage of great discovery. A film inspired by the life and work of Carl Sagan.

Rodney the Raccoon Goes Green

Tacoma made!  Seattle premiere

(JD Davis, USA, animation, 2014, 3:51 min) In English.

When an intrepid raccoon and his earth-loving pals arrive at a watershed, they spy a salmon wearing a gas mask! What can they do to help?

Raquel Wild, The Shepherd

US premiere

(Marina Palácio, Portugal, animation, 12:30 min) In Portuguese with English subtitles.

If humans love dogs so much, then why do their fear their relative, the wolf? A shepherdess sets out to right the ancient wrong of this damaged relationship.

Notes to parents: We hope these films provoke discussions at home about climate change and environmental issues.

SHOW ME A STORY                 SAT. JANUARY 23 @ 7:00PM & SUN. JANUARY 31 @ 3PM

(74 min)

Ages 10+

Step inside a dreamscape of splendid stop-motion, drawn and painted animation and exquisite computer-rendered moving pictures, and see how stories can come alive. Some of the tales will tug at your heartstrings, while others might give you a shiver. You’ll dance with colors, marvel with motion, and meet fairy tale characters you’ll never forget.

Filmmaker Akiko  McQuerrey will be in attendance Jan. 23!


North American premiere

(Chang Pei Yee and Oon Qian Yi Shannon, Singapore, 2014, 1:43 min) Nonverbal.

Inspired by the art of Jean Miro, this film shows a place where shapes and colors dance.


Seattle premiere

(Pilecka Magdalena, Poland, 2014, 2:04 min) In Polish with English subtitles.

A story about a little blue doggy, and all his little problems.


Seattle premiere

(Soyeon Kim, US/Korea, 2015, 3:20 min) Nonverbal.

A black crow searches for its identity, trying to escape the perception that it is something other than a beautiful and intelligent bird. See Trailer

J and the Fish

North American premiere

(Cécile Paysant, France, 2015, 9 min) Nonverbal.

On his island, a boy dreams of riding away on the back of a whale. The problem is that he only has one small yellow fish… See Trailer


Seattle premiere

(Nicolas P. Villarreal, Argentina, 2014, 5:10 min) Nonverbal.

A girl experiences contact with her grandmother as a shower of light and color. See Trailer

Out From the Deep

US premiere

(Katrin Novakovic, Croatia, 2013, 6:50 min) Nonverbal.

Emerging from the depths of the sea, a good old swing octopus brings joy to some jaded city souls.

Papa Cloudy’s Orchestra

World premiere

(Akiko McQuerrey, USA, animation, 2015, 11:40min) Nonverbal.

After getting an emergency call from polar bears, Papa Cloudy, a gentle cloud, gathers animals to form an orchestra to raise awareness of environmental issues. See Trailer

My Grandfather was a Cherry Tree

US premiere

(Olga Poliektova and Tatiana Poliektova, Russia, 12:30 min) In Russian with English subtitles.

A movie-memory of an unusual grandfather, who could listen to the trees breathing. See Trailer

It’s Quite True

Seattle premiere

(Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz, Poland, 2014, 13 min) In English.

This adaptation of a Hans Christian Andersen tale still has resonance today, when rumors can fly so freely.


US premiere

(Marcos Andavert, Spain, 2014, 2 min) In English.

A cardboard man navigates a cardboard world to find the one he loves.

The Alchemist’s Letter

Seattle premiere

(Carlos Stevens, USA, 2015, 5:17 min) In English.

An alchemist exposes his son to the truth surrounding his tumultuous life and the dark magic he used to power a gold-making machine. See Trailer


Seattle premiere

(Ülo Pikkov, Estonia, 2015, 9:30 min) Nonverbal.

A watchmaker controls the time, but the mouse living in the watchmaker’s workshop controls the clocks.

See Trailer

Notes to parents: This is a program of those who appreciate the art form of animation! In “J and the Fish,” there is a dark but funny ending. “My Grandfather was a Cherry Tree” deals with the passing of grandparents in a poignant and poetic way. A cute mouse is caught in a trap in “Tik-Tak,” but comes back to life in a new form. “The Alchemist’s Letter” tells a story about regret and redemption.

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME                                 SAT. JANUARY 23 @ 1:00PM

(72 min)

Ages 7+

Filmmakers Jeremy Lutter (Gord’s Brother), Anna Antonova (The Secret Forest) and Rahul Sharma (The Lonely Goldfish) in attendance!

Keep it all in the family with this collection of heartwarming films from around the world. Stubborn ghosts, chatty goldfish, clever fairies, and siblings of all shapes and sizes prove that you can always count on the ones you love.

My Big Brother

Seattle premiere

(Jason Rayner, USA, animation, 2014, 2:23 min) In English.

Two boys give a whole new meaning to the term “big brother.”

The Reward

Seattle premiere

(Po-Chou Chi, Taiwan, animation, 2014, 3 min) Nonverbal.

A rich man gives a gift to the person who helped him achieve his dreams.

The Ghost of Grandpa Tong

West Coast premiere

(Celeste Koon, Canada, live action, 2015, 10:52 min) In English.

When Zoe discovers that she is the only one who can see the ghost of her best friend’s grandpa, she begins to understand the importance of culture, tradition, and sharing cookies with the ones you love.

The Concert

North American premiere(Ilias Florakis, Greece, live action, 2013, 5 min) Nonverbal.A little boy’s memories of his mother help him grow.

See Trailer

Gord’s Brother

US premiere

(Jeremy Lutter, Canada, live action, 2015, 15 min) In English.

With six eyes, blue scales, and a pointy tail, Gord’s new little brother is monstrously adorable. See Trailer      

Behind the Scenes!

The Secret Forest

US premiere

(Anna Antonova, Russia, live action and animation, 2015, 15:43 min) In Russian with English subtitles.

After Alice goes missing in a magical forest filled with mermaids and fairies, her older sister, Polina, must embark on a journey to save her.

Story of a Lonely Goldfish

West Coast premiere

(Rahul Sharma, India, live action, 2015, 20 min) In Hindi with English subtitles.

Rahul’s grandparents fight all the time. With a little imagination and help from his goldfish, Rahul forces his grandparents to call a truce.

Notes to parents: The death of a parent is subtly implied in “The Concert.” Parents make hurtful decisions in “Gord’s Brother.”  In “The Secret Forest,” a girl is instructed by a fairy to kill a rabbit, as a test, but she doesn’t do it. Grandparents bicker in “Story of a Lonely Goldfish.”

TIME TRAVELOGUE: FILMS BY YOUTH                         SUN. JANUARY 24 @ 7:00PM

(81:27 min)

All ages

Join us for a dynamic selection of the best of youth-made cinema, from Seattle to Austria. Our program includes silent film, music videos, animation, slapstick comedy, and documentary. Journey to Ireland, Vancouver, the cosmos, and the Stone Age, and take an animated romp through English history, all with the help of a remarkably talented group of young filmmakers!

Youth directors in attendance!

A Lesson Learned

Seattle made!

(Lisa M., USA, live action, 2015, 7:42 min) In English.

Learning about having a heart for those less fortunate sometimes comes in the warmest ways.


Seattle premiere

(Eli Staub, USA, live action, 2015, 3 min) Nonverbal.

A boy is thwarted in his efforts to get a girl’s attention in class.

Amber Alert

Made at Northwest Film Forum!

(Eva Archer-Krauss, Marley Brody, Sam Fillmore, Peter Garland, Jessamyn Gilbert, Soren Hawkins, Finn Mander, Katrina Marro, Collin Mason, Brynne McKee, Ross Wheeler, Stafford Vaughan, and Silvia Unat, USA, live action, 2015, 6:28 min) Silent with English subtitles.

A silent mystery at the movie theater.

Blue Skies

Made at Northwest Film Forum!

(Marley Brody, Ross Wheeler, Brynne McKee, and Finn Mander, USA, live action, 2015, 3:03 min) Nonverbal.

A nostalgic, playful trip through Capitol Hill.

Vancouver In Motion

Seattle made!

(Katrina Marro, USA, live action, 2014, 3:09 min) Nonverbal.

A silent documentary on the beauty of Vancouver, BC.


Seattle made!

(Samuel Cleary, USA, live action, 2015, 11:15 min) In English.

A Seattle youth travels to Ireland to explore his roots.

The Sea at the Village

US premiere

(12th grade students with Bastien Dubois, Portugal, animation, 2014, 2 min) Nonverbal.

A portrait of the sea, the land, and the people of a city.

Royals Rascals and Us

North American premiere

(Sarah Cox, UK, animation, 2015, 6:46 min) In English.

The history of Hampton Court Palace as told by the voices, pictures, and music of thousands of young people. Produced by Aardman Animation/Historic Royal Palaces for the Hampton Court Palace’s 500 years anniversary.

Lemonade Standoff

(Karson Monger, Ryan Beard, Sam Crowell, and Saunder Boyle, USA, live action, 2014, 6 min) In English.

Things quickly turn sour when siblings launch competing lemonade stands.