Team Marco (All Ages)

Saturday, February 29 – 3:00pm

(Julio Vincent Gambuto, USA, live-action, 2019, 90 min, English)
All ages; best for ages 6+

** West Coast premiere! Filmmaker in attendance! **

Screen time alert! Marco, 11, is obsessed with his electronics — his iPad, his Xbox, his VR headset – and hardly leaves the house. But when his grandmother dies and his grandfather moves in, Marco’s life is turned upside-down and he’s forced … to go play outside. “Nonno” (Grandpa) introduces him to bocce — the world’s oldest game — and to the neighborhood crew of old Italian men who play daily at the local court. With sport, laughter and love, Marco finds a connection with people in real life and rounds up a team of neighborhood kids to take on his grandfather and his pals.

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Opening Night: The Cat’s Meow (Ages 6+ Short Film Program)

Thursday, February 27 – 7PM
Saturday, March 7 – 11AM

Ages 6–8, and cat lovers of all ages

This feline-focused (and allergy-free!) animation program is filled with cuddly cats and their adorable antics. Kitties truly make the world go ‘round in this celebration of glorious stop-motion, painted, hand-drawn and CG animation from eight cat-loving countries.

67 min.

Content advisory: The Quintet of the Sunset,” a stop-motion film made with great humor and skill, tackles the subject of mortality in a tenderhearted way.

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Petits Trésors (Ages 6+ French Language Short Film Program)

Saturday, February 29 – 1:30pm

Ages 6+

This all-French-language program is filled with vibrant jewels — stories of good friends, big bad wolves that aren’t so bad, brave bats, loving grannies and impossible journeys.
Ce programme, entièrement en français, est plein de joyaux vibrants – les contes de bons amis, les grands méchants loups qui ne sont pas trop méchant, les chauves-souris courageuses, les grand-mères affectueuses, et les voyages impossibles.

73 min.

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Valiente y Verdadero (Ages 6+ Spanish Language Short Film Program)

Sunday, March 1 – 1:00pm

Ages 6+

This all-Spanish language program is filled with Latin American children who are brave and true, lighting up the lives of everyone they meet. There are also two beautiful animated films from Puerto Rico and Colombia, which remind us to fly high and free in everything we do.

Esta programa, totalmente en Español, está lleno de niños que son valientes y verdaderos, quién iluminan las vidas de todas personas que conocen. También hay dos películas animadas muy hermosas de Puerto Rico y Colombia, que nos recuerdan que volar alto y libre en todo que hacemos.

72 min.

** Filmmaker and producer Natalia Bernel and Giselle Geney (Ramón) and filmmaker Julio Cabrera (Pasivo) in attendance! **

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