Wild and Free (Ages 8+ Short Film Program)

Saturday, February 29 – 1:00pm
Saturday, March 7 – 1:30pm

Ages 8+

In these live-action shorts from Europe, South America, India and the USA, you’ll meet kids who navigate all kinds of magical twists and turns in their lives. Time travel with two friends, meet a bike-riding girl who isn’t everything she appears to be and discover how friendships can build a bridge to understanding.

82 min.

** Content advisory: The Bicycle Thief” has a surprise twist that makes us think twice about the assumptions we make! In “Outgrown,” two cousins plan to sneak out without permission. **

** Seattle filmmaker Kendra Ann Sherrill (“A Dreamer’s Melody“) in attendance on February 29 & March 7! **

Short Films in this Program:

A Dreamer’s Melody


(Kendra Ann Sherrill, USA, live-action, 2018, 4 min, nonverbal) Filmmaker in attendance!

A trip to the movie theater sparks a passion for a young girl and her shoes.

The Bicycle Thief


(Kerry Skinner & Stewart Alexander, United Kingdom, live-action, 2018, 7 min, in English) Seattle premiere!

Whizzing through a wonderland of ice cream parlors and amusement parks, a girl’s adventure is interrupted when she looks up to find her bike has vanished. She’ll need to give chase to see who rode away on it, and why.

Trailer >

All in Good Time


(Bonnie Dempsey, Ireland, live-action, 2017, 15 min, in English)

An Irish boy who lives on the West Coast of Ireland in 1918 and an Indian-Irish girl who lives in the same place in 2018, form a magical friendship via messages stuffed into a bottle that they throw into the sea.

Trailer >

Like Playing


(Berenice Adrianzen Zegarra, Peru, live-action, 2018, 20 min, in Spanish with English subtitles) West Coast premiere!

A resourceful and imaginative boy shows his little brother how to turn a search for recyclables into a grand hunt for treasure.

Trailer >

Apples and Oranges


(Rukshana Tabassum, India, live-action, 2019, 22 min, in English with English subtitles) West Coast premiere!

In this fable set in the land of Fruitistan, friends named Daisy and Tulip must find a way to overcome a big difference that has divided their families.

Trailer >



(Huriyyah Muhammad, USA, live-action, 2019, 13 min, English) West Coast premiere!

Reggie and Sam, two kids of the 1990s, find out their favorite hip hop artist will be in town. Reggie’s mom says no way to going to the concert, but the thick-as-thieves cousins know they can dream up a way to be there.

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