Yes, I Can (Ages 8+ Short Film Program)

Sunday, March 1 – 11:30am

Ages 8+

Can you do anything you set your mind to? Yes, you can! And so can the kids in these animated and live-action films, who exercise their imaginations while also remembering that to truly succeed, we all need a little help from our friends.

70 min.

** Filmmaker and producer Natalia Bernel and Giselle Geney (Ramón) in attendance! **

Short Films in this Program:



(Brenna Johnson, USA, animation, 2019, 3 min, nonverbal)

Ming is a timid, young monk training under her wise master. One night, she is given the daunting task of lighting the inside of a dark, foreboding temple.



(Sarah Amburgey, USA, animation, 2018, 3 min, nonverbal) Seattle premiere!

On her way home from studying, a young woman finds herself in front of a ballet studio, where she encounters a little girl who reminds her of herself, long ago.

Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant


(Genevieve Clay-Smith, Australia, live-action, 2017, 3 min, English)

A little boy helps his blind mother experience an art gallery in a dramatic way.



(Natalia Bernal, Colombia & Mexico, live-action, 2019, 7 min, Spanish with Engish subtitles) World premiere!

A young kickboxer who is strong and brave learns something very important at the end of a fight.

The Pen Licence


(Olivia Peniston-Bird, Australia, live-action documentary, 2018, 10 min, English)

Nine-year-old Tiana knows it will take a miracle to get her Pen Licence, but she’s fallen behind in class, her writing loops are a mess and the pressure is really on. Is persistence really enough in this coming of age ritual experienced by every Australian child?



(Alessandro Sasha Codaglio, Italy, live-action, 2016, 14 min, Italian with English subtitles)

When Giulio, a six-year-old, locks himself in the bathroom to escape being scolded by his mom, his imagination runs wild as he creates his own private pirate’s battle.



(Trillina Mai, USA, animation, 2019, 4 min, nonverbal) Seattle premiere!

A grandfather and grandson journey through life with the help of wheels and each other.

AnimationxParalympic: Who Is Your Hero? Paralympic Judo


(Kunpei Maeda, Japan, animation, 2019, 5 min, Japanese with English subtitles) World theatrical premiere!

Hikaru is a high school student who loves judo. But one day, she realizes that something is wrong with her eyes. She had lost most of her vision due to an illness. She is overwhelmed with sadness until words spoken by a master at a dojo spark her fire to participate in her paralympic judo.
Watch more episodes here!

The Most Magnificent Thing


(Arna Selznick, Canada, animation, 2018, 21 min, English) Seattle premiere!

When she receives her very own tool kit, a determined little girl sets out to make the most magnificent thing for her best friend — but it is not as easy as she thinks.

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