Zara and the Magical Football Boots (Ages 8+)

Saturday, March 7 – 3:00pm

(David Eilander, Hesdy Lonwijk, Sam Yazdanpanna, Ties Schenk & Barbara Bredero, The Netherlands, live-action, 2019, 67 min, Dutch with English subtitles)

Ages 8+
(rating is for subtitles, younger Dutch speakers will also enjoy the film)

Zara, age 9, really wants to play football but doesn’t dare show her skills at the selection of her asylum seeker center’s football team, because her jealous brothers are key players on the team.  When Zara is given magical football shoes, she’s suddenly able to play like a pro. The six-part series Zara and the Magical Football Boots was recorded in six different asylum seekers’ centers. Outside of its well-known lead actors, the cast is populated by children living in asylum centers in The Netherlands.


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